Jurisdictional overview

About liquor in Yukon

The Yukon Liquor Corporation is responsible for the purchase, distribution, and responsible sale of both liquor and cannabis products in Yukon.

The corporation operates the Whitehorse liquor store, central warehouse and five rural community liquor stores in Dawson City, Faro, Haines Junction, Mayo, and Watson Lake.

The corporation’s three branches – Corporate Services, Operations and Regulatory Services – support Yukon’s food and beverage industry, cannabis market, and local liquor producers through various programs and services.

At the end of the 2019-20 fiscal year:

  • the corporation had 1,600 products in regular inventory;
  • 40 direct vendors; 145 private licensees; 
  • three distilleries and four breweries; and one winery
  • more than 2100 special orders processed for customers and licensees.

Listing process

How do I introduce new products into Yukon?

The Yukon Liquor Corporation carries and purchases products currently listed in Alberta by the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC) and in British Columbia by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB).

The corporation also purchases directly from larger manufacturers and agents throughout Canada.

If your products are currently listed and available in Alberta or British Columbia, and you want to list them in Yukon, please contact [email protected] with your product information. 

The Yukon Liquor Corporation reviews new products twice annually, in February and August, with introduction to Yukon market each April and October.

Do I need a registered liquor agent to represent me?

You will require a registered liquor agent in Alberta or British Columbia.

Labelling and packaging requirements

What are the labelling and packaging requirements in Yukon?

All liquor products sold in Yukon must meet Canadian labelling requirements for alcoholic beverages and be in safe containers and packaging. 

The Yukon Liquor Corporation requires Universal Product Code (UPC) to be printed on all product packaging or labels. 

YLC affixes warning labels to bottles in all its stores about the risks of drinking during pregnancy.

Laboratory testing requirements

What are the laboratory testing requirements in Yukon?

At present, laboratory testing is not required for liquor products currently listed in Alberta or British Columbia, and sold in Yukon. However, the Yukon Liquor Corporation retains the right to request a sample for analysis. The Yukon Liquor Corporation is in the process of establishing laboratory testing requirements or Certificates of Analysis for all producers.

In addition, the Yukon Liquor Corporation monitors the market for any recalls and investigates all faulty product claims. Products found to be unsafe will be recalled from shelves and may be discontinued from the product listing.

Pricing components

Yukon Liquor Corporation Markup Structure

Sales channels and distribution

How does the sale and distribution of liquor products work in Yukon?

All manufacturers (or their agents) must sell and distribute liquor products to the Yukon Liquor Corporation’s central distribution centre in Whitehorse before the product goes to the licensees and the six government-run stores.

Marketing and promotion policies

What are the rules for the marketing and promotion of liquor products in Yukon?

The marketing and promotion of liquor products sold in Yukon must not encourage the irresponsible use, consumption or service of liquor. 

For more information, refer to the “Advertising” section of the Yukon Liquor Board policy manual

Licensing requirements

Do I need a liquor licence to sell liquor in Yukon?

You must have a liquor licence to serve or sell liquor in Yukon. 

Find types of liquor licences

How do I obtain a liquor licence?

Liquor licence applications are made to the Yukon Liquor Licensing Board.

Apply for a liquor licence

Relevant legislation, regulations and policies

What rules apply to me?

Policies set by the Yukon Liquor Board

Legislation and regulations

The Yukon Liquor Corporation is currently updating liquor laws in Yukon. In November 2019, the Commissioner of Yukon assented the new Liquor Act and regulations are under development. 

General contact

Whom can I contact for more information?

General inquiries
Ph: (867) 667-5245
Toll-free in Yukon: 
1-800-661-0408 ext. 5245
F: (867) 393-6306  Order fax: (867) 667-8846
E: [email protected]

Licensee sales
Ph: (867) 667-5245

Head office hours of operation
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday to Friday
9031 Quartz Road
Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada, Y1A 4P9